Chapter History

The Omicron Psi Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh on March 10 th , 1927 and chartered on March 10 th , 1928. The chapter has initiated over 150 young men in its history of serving not only the campus of Pitt, but also the greater Pittsburgh African American community. The chapter prides itself on its’ embodiment of the Fraternity’s’ four Cardinal Principles, Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Omicron Psi is officially the 38 th chapter founded out 850 Omega chapters, however, it ranks 20 th amongst undergraduate chapters by founding date and in the top 10 amongst chapters established at non-HBCU campuses.

The genesis for the founding of the Omicron Psi chapter at the University of Pittsburgh was the need for an organization of dynamic, enthusiastic, and academically talented young men who sensed a void in leadership amongst the small African American population of students. Five young men sought out the Alumni Graduate chapter Omegas of Iota Phi and requested that they be allowed to organize a chapter at the campus. The men of Iota Phi were impressed with these young men, one of whom was an outstanding tenor in the campus chorale group, one was a sprinter on Pitts’ track team, and another who was one of the first African American football players in Pitts’ history. The first brother initiated on the charter line for Omicron Psi was Bro. John W. Anderson on November 3 rd 1928. There have been brief interruptions in membership due to the Great Depression and World War II. One of our most cherished members is “Big Brother” J. D. Advent, who resurrected the chapter in 1935. To him, all subsequent Brothers dedicate themselves to our 3 rd Cardinal Principle, PERSEVERANCE.

Inspired to Uplift the African American Community, Omicron Psi chapter became an increasingly steady force on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh and the campuses of Western PA. Another of our more honored brethren is Bro. Douglas Guy, who was initiated in 1974. Doug Guy was one of the founders of the campus group, Black Action Society, which is the African American Student group at Pitt. Bro. Guy, as a student and President of the Black Action Society, led a memorable sit-in at the Pitt Student Union. This act led to the changes that increased black student recruitment and retention. Bro. Guys’ bold and dramatic sit-in led to the eventual establishment of the UCEP program, which was a concerted recruitment effort to bring more qualified minority students onto Pitts’ campus
The chapter was at its most dynamic from the late 60′s through the mid 1980′s, and as such, generated a great many Brothers flung far and wide. Omicron Psi has produced a number of Brothers who have gone on to make positive contributions to campus life and the greater world community. Bro. Bertrand Harry has used his legal prowess as an attorney to serve our Fraternity as the Legal Counsel for the Second District. Omicron Psi has produced many doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, Sunday School teachers, and others who have enriched not only themselves, but have Uplifted their communities as is our Mandate as Men of Omega. Bro. Hudson Primus, Esq. served as B.A.S President in 1985 and Bro. Greg Ray, Esq. Served as B.A.S. Vice President in 1984.

Omicron Psi has always been a beacon for young men of character and enthusiasm in Western PA. Young men from Duquesne University, Robert Morris, Carnegie Mellon, Indiana University, Clarion, California State, and Slippery Rock have all come through the doors of Omicron Psi. Our members founded new chapters such as Epsilon Kappa, Xi Kappa, and Gamma Mu. Brothers who have either moved to the Pittsburgh area or were natives who were initiated at different chapters, always find a home with the hospitality offered by the brothers of Omicron Psi, who act upon our Fraternal Motto, “Friendship is Essential to The Soul”. We have always been the most admired fraternity and hardest to join. Whether it has been done through winning step shows, having the most spirited social activities, performing the most substantive community service projects, or securing an exemplary grade point average, the “Obnoxious” Omicron Psi chapter has left an indelible mark on the city of Pittsburgh. Though our numbers are not many, our value is not in numbers, but in men, real men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega Spirit. Those filled with this Spirit have celebrated 75 years of Brotherhood as defined by our four Cardinal Principles and stand ready to continue what those 5 intrepid young men established in 1927, an unbreakable foundation for the betterment of young men in Western Pa. and a springboard for a life of success and achievement.

Campus Achievements
BAS Presidents
Doug Guy
Betrand Harry
Greg Ray Vice President

UNCF March and Walkathon raised over $1500
Nov 1982
March 1983

Canned Food Drives
Fall 1982
Spring 1983
Fall 1983
Spring 1984
Fall 1984
Spring 1985

Volunteers at Homewood YMCA
Sponsored and Ran Halloween Party for 200 neighborhood children 1983-85
Sponsored and Ran Easter Party and Easter Egg Hunt 1983-85
Volunteers at Lemington Home for Youth
Mentor Program 1983-85
Volunteers at Lemington Retirement Home for African American Elderly 1983-85
Hosted Parties and Dances

Set-Up activities
BAS Stepshow Winners 1985 Runners Up 1984,
NHPC StepShow Winners 1985

Intra-Mural Sports
1983 Greek Basketball Runner-Up
1984 Greek Basketball Runner-Up
1984 Track Champions
1985 Track Champions

NPHC President
Ronald B. Coursey 2003-2004
Peuge Benjamin 2004-2005